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Luc Vets, Founder and CEO

Our mission is to become an integral part of your business. Our front office is your back office!

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About Luc Vets Diamonds

Luc Vets is a second generation diamantaire who founded his company in the early seventies.

Back then the production was situated in the Kempen area, a rural area just outside Antwerp.

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If Antwerp is too far away, then take the opportunity of meeting us face to face on the following trade fairs:

Our Products

Our polished goods are rounds only, brilliants and single cuts, covering the full range of colors and qualities in all sizes 1ct and down.

We firmly belief that Cut is the only "C" of the 4C's that an untrained professional can appreciate. It is true that the average consumer will not be able to make the distinction between a VS or a SI grade. The same consumer however will clearly see the difference in "life" or "fire" of a well cut stone when it is mounted.

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