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Luc Vets is a second generation diamantaire who founded his company in the early seventies.

Back then the production was situated in the Kempen area, a rural area just outside Antwerp. Labour was cheaper than in Antwerp and the production grew quickly with quick turnaround times of the stock. The majority of the production consisted of -11 sizes and 10/ct.

In the mid eighties an opportunity arose to start an overseas factory in Mauritius. The overseas factory soon took over the smallest and cheapest product categories from the Belgian production thus freeing up workers to expand into bigger sizes. The following years were marked by a gradual expansion of the production until the late nineties where we realised that specific factories for specific productlines would lead to a general improvement of quality and production efficiency.

This lead to the startup of our far east production where we are – up until today – polishing our stars and single cuts.

Company Values

Our mission is to become an integral part of your business. We believe in “zero defect service”.

Our product is more than an ideally cut diamond, it is a complete package that will give you the best possible polished diamond for the best price, graded towards your specific needs and delivered to you within 48hrs. And all this without the need for you to spend time on QC to make rejections.

In short: our front office is your back office!

Company profile

In the beginning the company produced only stars and melees in better qualities. Today our production covers all qualities and colors from .80mm up to 1ct in single cut and round brilliants in top quality makes. We carry a full range of Excellent, AGS ‘0’ as well as Hearts and Arrows goods.

The company’s origins lie in Belgium but production and sales truly made our company global. We have commercial offices in all our key markets and our production has expanded from Belgium to Mauritius and the far East

Because of our reputation as a manufacturer of high-end goods we were able to establish commercial relations with some of the best-known brand names across the globe. Be it the USA, Switzerland or China we supply your market with our ideal makes. The perfection of our make could only be achieved by a continuous investment in our staff and our production facilities and processes.

Our worldwide experience guarantees that you will get what you need – we have a thorough understanding of your market’s requirements and we will supply you accordingly. Our own developed grading system allows for a high grade of customization should you have specific requirements in terms of make, color or quality. Our flexibility in grading will turn us into your virtual back office resulting in substantial savings for you in Quality Control and shipping.

Key people

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