Our Products

Our polished goods are rounds only, brilliants and single cuts, covering the full range of colors and qualities in all sizes 1ct and down.

We firmly belief that Cut is the only "C" of the 4C's that an untrained professional can appreciate. It is true that the average consumer will not be able to make the distinction between a VS or a SI grade. The same consumer however will clearly see the difference in "life" or "fire" of a well cut stone when it is mounted.

Calibrated stars and melees

Stars and melees are available in either parcels or in mm calibrated goods.

Even the smallest sizes are polished within very specific parameters in order to maximise the fire or life of the stone. (see also under our pointers paragraph) Straight MM goods are available between 0.80mm up to 2.75mm, all bigger sizes are sold in parcels.

Medium sizes (pointers)

Whether you need a DE IF or LM SI2 hearts and arrows or ideal cut, we have it.

Our production of pointers covers the whole range of qualities and colors. Goods are broken down in very tight grades to ensure a consistent and repeatable quality in our parcels. Proof of our accuracy in grading is the fact that 95% of our business is being handled over the phone.

All our goods are cut towards very strict parameters:

Although our standard ideal cut is sold in parcels we can always provide you with straight H&A goods. Just contact us for further information.

90 points and 1cts

These are largest sizes that we cut and we sell them on a stone by stone basis.

All stones are certified with HRD or GIA and we always have a good quantity of GIA Triple Excellent or HRD H&A stones available.

Customised goods

Very small full and single cut

We have the capability of polishing extremely small sizes down to 1000 pcs per carat or 0.60mm diameter. These extreme small sizes are not part of the regular production but can be manufactured should you have a specific demand for this.

Large size Single Cut

If you need to restore or build a unique piece of jewellery that requires larger size ideal single cut let us know. We can manufacture excellent single cuts up to 70 points.

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